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Seasonal River Debris cleanup

We in the Neversink River Valley know that the river is a recurring maintenance task. With the extreme weather that has become common we periodically have severe floods (as is the nature of our Mahakemack River the Wild River of the native Leni Lenape). References to our drainage basin most often refer only to the Above the Reservoir as the Neversink watershed  ( the NYC water supply). We submit to the preeminence of this title, yet we reassert the importance of the lower Neversink Valley Below the Reservoir watershed.

Indeed the lower Roundout Valley was another Below the Dam Orphan they created Rondout Creek Watershed Council for the people in the communities below the Roundout Revervoir. We hope to learn from their success.

We believe it will become increasing important for the economy of Sullivan County to maintain the wholesome “accessibilty” of the Neversink River

The people at the Old Stone House have endeavoured to initiate an exemplary project to promote the “best practices” natural resources preservation strategies in the local Neversink River Valley development plans. This principally impacts the Town of Fallsburg and the Town of Forestburg in Sullivan County.¬† New York City is not the alone in loving Catskill Pure Water; if fact,¬† everyone, here and, downstream – all the way to New Jersey – counts on our wonderful local watershed.

In the two (2) miles above the Old Stone House (Hasbrouck) below the reservoir there are improbable amounts of environmental debris (large uprooted trees, and residential wash-away (e.g. riding lawn mowers, gas tanks etc.). We hope to adddress the problem of the cost of the maintainence costs of the Neversink River water course with local government, New York State, and Federal agencies, and the noble local and regional environmental advocates and fishermen who have actively protected the Neversink so far (see the growing list at

Below Reservoir Debris

Riding Lawn Mower midstream

below reservoir debris

Major Uprooted Tree debris